Case overview

In an effort to streamline the passport renewal process, PassaPronto emerges as a practical solution, meticulously monitoring the real-time availability of appointment slots on the Italian State Police website. This proactive approach eliminates the need for incessant manual checks, as users receive timely notifications via Telegram or email as soon as new openings arise. By embracing this automated system, passport applicants can circumvent the hassle of endless website refreshing, expediting the renewal process and ensuring a seamless experience.

The Idea

The concept of “Passapronto” originated from the prevalent dissatisfaction among Italian citizens regarding the laborious procedure of scheduling an appointment for passport renewal. The seemingly endless waiting lists, often stretching for several months, constituted a significant inconvenience for numerous nationals, forcing them to either abandon their travel plans or endure the drudgery of lengthy queues. In response to this pressing concern, the project aimed to establish a persistent monitoring mechanism that would attentively track the availability of new passport appointment slots on the website of the Italian State Police. Upon identifying an opening, users would be promptly notified via their chosen notification method, effectively alleviating their difficulties and streamlining the passport renewal process.


The Results

In conclusion, since its inception in 2023, Passapronto has garnered overwhelmingly positive results. Within a mere few months, it has successfully assisted countless Italian citizens in securing passport appointments in a remarkably expeditious manner. This groundbreaking service stands as a testament to innovation, revolutionizing the passport renewal experience for countless Italians. Passapronto has effectively mitigated the pervasive issue of lengthy waiting lists, concurrently enhancing user satisfaction.

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