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Production Monitoring

Production monitoring involves real-time tracking and analysis of manufacturing processes to ensure efficiency, quality, and timely delivery of goods.

Datalake Design

Data lake design organizes diverse raw data in a centralized repository for flexible analytics and insights, breaking down silos and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Automatic Reporting

Automatic reporting streamlines the generation and delivery of reports through automated processes, saving saving time and ensuring timely, accurate information dissemination.

Failure Prediction

Failure prediction anticipates potential system or equipment issues using data and analytics, enabling proactive maintenance to prevent downtime and optimize operational reliability.

Clustering & Segmentation

Data analysis techniques that group similar data points together, providing insights into patterns and structures within datasets.

Real Time Alerting

Notification of relevant stakeholders of critical events or anomalies, enabling swift responses and proactive management in dynamic operational environments.

Industrial Statistical Training

Training imparts practical skills in applying statistical methods to industrial scenarios, empowering professionals to enhance decision-making and optimize processes effectively.

Yield/Cost Prediction

Analysis to forecast production yield and associated costs, providing valuable insights for resource optimization and efficient budgeting in industrial processes.

Our Products

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Understanding the intricacies of your data is paramount to unlocking your business’s full potential. Transform raw data into informative reports and dynamic dashboards. Scarlet is a suite of tools that allow data exploration, business process monitoring, anomalies detection and production performance forecasting.


Nabu is cloud-based / on-premise software fully dedicated to R&D data collection and with several tools for the Statistical Quality Analysis (SQA). It works within the data lake layer and offers a web user interface that is connected to a powerful relational database. Nabu is designed to help Minitab users to collect and prepare data.


Maily is a cloud-based/on-premise software designed for the world of high-volume printing and mailing, ensuring compliance with postal regulations and minimizing shipping costs.


Dive into the heartbeat of our technological landscape, where we deploy a diverse toolkit comprising state-of-the-art tools, versatile programming languages, and powerful libraries. From cutting-edge frameworks that ensure scalability to agile programming languages that adapt to changing needs, we leverage a strategic mix to turn your vision into reality. Explore the capabilities of our tech arsenal aligned with the pinnacle of contemporary innovation.

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