Automatic Reports & Alerting

Case overview

The project suggests automating periodic business analyses through the use of artificial intelligence. By replacing manual methodologies, the system employs advanced algorithms to identify patterns in data and generate customized reports. The outputs, enhanced with interpretative comments, generated with LLM model like GPT or Llama2, are automatically sent via email to recipients, optimizing the analytical reporting process and improving the timeliness of business decisions.

The Solution

The solution involves the use of advanced data analysis algorithms to identify relevant trends, patterns, and insights in corporate data. These results are then integrated into detailed reports, customized according to the specific needs of the department, with the addition of interpretative comments. Artificial intelligence is employed to continuously refine the analysis, ensuring greater accuracy over time.


Implementing this solution not only saves considerable time and human resources but also paves the way for a more in-depth and timely analytical approach. The combination of automation and artificial intelligence contributes to improving the quality of business decisions through a deeper understanding of data and corporate trends.

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