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Custom Projects and Scientific Partnerships

Kiwi offers a variety of partnership programs which allow its clients to take advantage of a full Data Science & Data Architecture team. Our partnership model allows you to benefit from constant operative support as well as project management & supervision for data related projects, on and off site.

Data Science is a trending topic. Every company is looking for Data Scientists to suddenly become data-driven and leave all those old-fashioned knowledge-based decisions. A Data Scientist seems to be someone with a strong background in a quantitative field. Also, the Data Scientist is proficient with BI tools so will provide awesome dashboards for our business and product guys. This person will even know finally how to scale our data ecosystem. The Data Scientist should be someone who holds great communication skills, business mindset, proactivity. After looking at this, there is no doubt. A Data Scientist can add tremendous value to our company.

Well, in the real world, it is very hard to find someone who holds a strong background in quantitative fields but also is proficient with very specific business and data technologies. Although, there is a strong relation between the required skill and the project of interest.

Our different partnership programs aim to support the customer in the design phase and subsequently in the creation of data science solutions.
The scientific partnership will have a data scientist with two main skills team at your disposal

  • Solid technical skills (Machine Learning, Real Time Analysis, Streaming, DataLake…);
  • Managerial and trasversale skills such as proactivity, relational skills, open-mindedness and knowledge of the context.

Data Science Consulting

Advanced statistics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are the main tools that our consultants use to solve the customer’s problems and provide sound and secure solutions to your data-related needs.

Finding the right resources at the right moment: this is one of Kiwi’s goals. Through the “On Demand” consulting offer, we rapidly find solutions to the customers’ needs, providing sound and detailed statistical analysis.

Kiwi can count on a number of consultants with proven experience in the manufacturing industry field who can help you with all aspects of the production chain, from R&D to Product Quality.

A proven organisation, based on many years of experience, and the collaboration with a network of solid partners, allow Kiwi to find solutions to the customers’ needs with professionality and reliability.


Data Engineering & Architecture Design

Realtime analysis & alerting, complex event processing, Big Data ingestion & management require solid and well-designed architectures. Our experts design and build professional solutions which serve ad as a foundation for you data analytics needs.

Designing & maintaining big data architectures, data lakes & data warehouses requires a deep understanding of the technologies involved and business needs, as well as attention to future developments and scalability.

Kiwi’s consultants can help you with the design, maintenance and optimization of such architectures and data stores, as well as provide their expertise in systems administration, networking, virtualization, containerization & DevOps.