easyR Quality DB

Quality DB

Quality DB   Quality DB is an easyR module that works within the data lake layer It offers a web user interface that is connected to a powerful relational database The database is explicitly designed to fit the data coming from any kind of quality statistics analysis Quality DB is designed to help Minitab users,…

data scientist vs data engineer

Data Scientists vs. Data Engineers

More and more frequently we see organizations make the mistake of mixing and confusing team roles on a data science or “big data” project – resulting in over-allocation of responsibilities assigned to data scientists. For example, data scientists are often tasked with the role of data engineer leading to a misallocation of human capital. Here the data scientist…

Smart Data Scientists Virtualize Data

Smart data scientists use data virtualization to integrate data from many diverse sources – logically and virtualized for on-demand consumption by different data analytical applications. For example, data virtualization is used to address challenges such as rogue data marts, business intelligence apps, enterprise resource planning and content systems and portals.